Ten Reasons to Reclaim #1: The Full Package
Ten Reasons to Reclaim #2: Get Virtual
Ten Reasons to Reclaim #3: Ain't Afraid of no Ghost
Ten Reasons to Reclaim #4: Towards better Discourse
Ten Reasons to Reclaim #5: Rewarding Passion
Ten Reasons to Reclaim #6: Test Drive the Ferrari
Ten Reasons to Reclaim #7: A Fresh Coat of Paint
Ten Reasons to Reclaim #8: Free Migrations
No Regrets
Ten Reasons to Reclaim #9: No Regrets

Get started today and take control of your digital identity!

Tech Forward

Our servers use fast and redundant hard drives with plenty of memory and CPU power to make your sites fly. Built on an open source LAMP framework with the industry-standard cPanel management console, you have all the tools you need to build great things.

100+ Apps

You don’t have to be a programmer to build your own site. With a software library of over 100 applications including WordPress, Omeka, Drupal and more, our automated installer makes it dead simple to experiment and build out amazing websites.

Real Support

Too often you’re a number in a queue when it comes to getting help. At Reclaim Hosting you get to talk to real people that are willing to help you out with any aspect of your website.

Supporting over 100 institutions including