Read a Featured Article About RH

PJ Fancher at just recently wrote a featured article about Reclaim Hosting. If you’ve never heard the story on how Reclaim got started, it’s definitely worth checking out. (Still a great read even if you do know the story!) Find the article here, or in the tweet below.

Tshirt Sneak Peek

A huge thank you to everyone who purchased a limited edition Reclaim tee. Even though I’ve always known that RH is awesome, it’s wonderful realizing again and again how many others think so too.

While the shirts are no longer available online, yesterday came the next step for Project Reclaim Swag: heading to Charlottesville, Va to meet with the printers. We wanted to finalize the sizing & spacing of the logo in person, as well as get an overall feel for how everything is going to come together.

Where the magic happens. :)

I’ve never actually seen how t-shirt printing works, so for me it was really cool to get a ‘behind-the-scenes’ tour. Tshirt Sneak Peek

Tshirt Sneak Peek
Where pantone colors are mixed. How neat, right?
Tshirt Sneak Peek
Playing with logos on the Ladies Cut Antique Cherry shirt.

The antique cherry is a little less ‘antique’ than I had originally imagined; there’s less pink, and more of a bolder, brick red feel. The color definitely grew on me right there in the shop- so excited for that one!

Tshirt Sneak Peek
Indigo Blue shirts.

And then there’s the Indigo Blue shirts… hard to beat ’em. They’re a little more true to their picture: mellow blue meets slate gray. I may or may not be getting one in each color.

Hopefully collecting the shirts at the end of the week & then sending them out (along with a little surprise) shortly after that! Stay tuned.

Reclaim your Domain | Episodes 1 & 2

Getting set up with a hosting plan and domain can feel like a confusing endeavor if you’ve never done it before. We get support tickets all the time asking detailed questions about our sign up process, and generally ‘where to start’ once signing up.

To break things down as simply as possible, we thought a video series might make the most sense. So the brilliant Tim Owens published the first two episodes today in a series called Reclaim Your Domain. The first episode is called Signing Up, and walks through the entire process from start to finish (including awesome descriptions about Top Level Domains and ID Protect).

The second episode is called The Client Area:

This second video begins with logging into your account for the first time, and explains the differences between the sets of credentials you’re given upon sign up (i.e. Client Area user/pass & cPanel user/pass). Whether you’re a beginner here or not, this episode acts as a great refresher of the tools available to you in your Client Area. Worth a watch!

Keep in mind that our Support Documentation is still available, and you can read our guide about Client Area and cPanel Basics here.

In light of the new video series, is there anything specific to your Reclaim Hosting account that you’d like to be explained in a video? Let me know in the comments below, or send an email to

P.s. See the full list of Reclaim Videos here.

Installing and Customizing a Scalable WordPress Multisite with Linode’s StackScripts

I’ve been on a server admin crash course over the last 8 months or so, and I’ve been thoroughly enjoying myself. I have been fortunate to have the most patient and generous teacher I’ve ever studied under: the great Tim Owens. I truly have a deep respect for how much he has taught himself over the last 4 years, and trying to catch up with him gives me an even deeper appreciation of his mad skills. One of the turning points for Reclaim Hosting this semester has been taking on large-scale WordPress Multisite instances for institutions. We jumped in with both feet when we took over the hosting of VCU’s Ram Pages—a beast I have written about recently. Tim did a brilliant job scaling this extremely resource intensive WordPress Multisite, and I was eager to try my hand at the setup. Luckily Reclaim has no shortage of opportunities, and recently the University of North Carolina, Asheville was interested in experimenting with a pilot of WordPress Multisite, so I got my chance to work through the setup with a brand new install. Continue reading "Installing and Customizing a Scalable WordPress Multisite with Linode’s StackScripts"

Battle the Corporate Ogre with Beat Happening

We here at Reclaim Hosting have released yet another server into the wild in honor of Olympia, Washington’s pathbreaking independent punk band Beat Happening. The thing that was so special about Beat Happening is, as Michael Azerrad astutely notes in his book Our Band Could be Your Life, the crucial role they played in “widening the idea of a punk rocker from a mohawked guy in a motorcycle jacket to a nerdy girl in a cardigan.” They pushed against the violent/masculist tendencies of the genre, and framed an alternative within the alternative. A true sense of independence that would become the foundation for a special brand of lofi music during the 1990s. Continue reading “Battle the Corporate Ogre with Beat Happening”

Reclaim the T-Shirt

Yesterday we opened up the Reclaim Store for the first Reclaim Hosting t-shirt to date. I’m sure there will be more, but this is our first, limited edition run that will only be open until next Friday, April 15th. After that we’ll place the order and send the shirts out to folks, along with some other goodies. As Lauren noted in her blog post about the t-shirts, we are doing this run is to celebrate the launching of Reclaim Hosting’s new aesthetic on the site. Reclaim the T-Shirt Continue reading "Reclaim the T-Shirt"

Now in Stereo

Bryan Mathers sent me another gorgeous addition to the Reclaim Hosting Record Store aesthetic. The “Now In Stereo” refers to the fact that we have 30 days of file-level, off-site backups that come stock with our shared hosting. In fact, we have started to push this out as stock for our Domain of One’s Own packages as well. Stereo being double the awesome—get it? We knew that ya could. But as is often the case with Bryan’s work, this goes beyond any one feature of Reclaim Hosting, it speaks to a broader aesthetic. This one filled me with nostalgia for the clean, off-white record sleeves, and the sense of depth achieved with the albums sticking out provided a patina of materiality. I am digging the range of effects. In fact, I’ve pretty much loved everything Bryan has created for us. Now in Stereo Continue reading "Now in Stereo"

Reclaim Merchandise- Limited Time Only!

Hey all- I’ve got some exciting news this morning! In celebration of Reclaim Hosting completely rebranding (and just being awesome in general), we’ve decided to sell t-shirts.

A new look, you say?? Yes. Check it out:

Click to view slideshow.

How cool, right? I can’t get over how awesome everything looks. To get a bigger sense of the analogies at work, read Jim Groom’s awesome posts about them here, here and here.  (By the way, all of these were done by the brilliant Bryan Mathers.)

So keeping this look in mind, here’s our available shirt options:

Click to view slideshow.

Antique Cherry colored shirt with a blue logo | Indigo Blue colored shirt with an Orange Logo

Shirts are $20.00 each, but include free shipping and a little something extra in each delivered package. You can purchase them from our Merchandise store here!

Note: Shirts will only be available for purchase for a limited time. We will be taking orders for one week and closing next Friday, 4/15 at 11:59pm EST. Get ’em while they’re hot!

.htaccess file in Home Folder

I was recently migrating an account from InMotion Hosting to Reclaim (why yes, we do provides free migrations). InMotion uses cPanel, so that usually means the migration will be dead simple. But for some reason after I had migrated everything the site was still not resolving. I discovered this when I went to import the existing WordPress site into Installatron. The import failed and I got the following error:

! PHP for the selected domain has failed. Installatron is unable to install to a domain where PHP is not working. Error code: 2; HTTP code: 200

This is usually an .htaccess issue, so I deleted the existing .htaccess file in public_html to no effect. I then searched high and low on the web to find a solution, but nothing doing. I remember Tim talking about a similar issue he had, when he discovered, purely by chance, there was another .htaccess file in the home directory that was preventing the site from loading given it was requiring a different version of PHP. I checked the home directory and sure enough there was an .htaccess file there calling for a different version of PHP. I deleted the file and the problem was solved.

I leave this here as a breadcrumb for the next person who has this issue but can’t find the solution for the life of them. Sharing is caring :)