Changing Storage Quota for cPanel Accounts

This is a quick and easy tutorial for changing storage space quotas on specific cPanel accounts, perfect for a rainy Sunday morning. I often get this question from someone managing a Domain of One’s Own initiative that needs to modify an account to allow for more storage space.

This process is done in WHM, which is basically the GUI interface for managing all the accounts on cPanel. Once logged in you do a quick find using the word “list” (no quotes) in the left upper hand corner. Then click “List Accounts” which will allow you to search for the account you need. You can search by the username or domain as demonstrated below.
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“Not Many People Gotta Code to Live By Anymore”

Amen, Harry Dean! All this talk of coding or being coded is besides the point, when push comes to shove most people simply need a code. I come back to Repo Man (1984) a lot when I am thinking about Reclaim Hosting‘s code. In fact, I already played on the idea of a Reclaim Code with the above clip. So when sitting down to talk to Bryan Mathers earlier this week about some artwork I was excited when I found the discussion led us into the territory of this 1980s punk cult classic.

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Running a Jekyll Site on Reclaim Hosting

Running a Jekyll Site on Reclaim Hosting

This weekend I decided to experiment with a feature we have enabled on some of our servers that is sort of an unsung hero for advanced users (so advanced I hadn’t taken the time to understand how it works!). Jekyll is a static site generator that has grown in popularity in large part due to its inclusion in GitHub Pages as well as a wider movement to have sites built from HTML based on Markdown templates. Plenty of folks today already run Jekyll sites but the process of using them with Reclaim typically involved generating the files locally on your computer and then publishing them to Reclaim because of Jekyll’s requirement to run newer versions of Ruby than cPanel supports.

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Domain SEO Service Registration Corp. is a Domain Scammer!

While I’m on the topic of domain scams on the bava, I got another good example of how these human cockroaches work. Below is a copy and paste of one of two emails I received via email last week from the scam artists at Domain SEO Service Registration Corp. The other one I got was identical, it was targeting the domain rather than At first glance the email below reads like an expiration notice for the domain. I know this is a scam because I control the vertical and horizontal of this domain through Reclaim Hosting. Another hint for me here is the date is all wrong, I registered bavatuesdays for the first time on October 12th, 2005, I remember the day well. Reading the email I also notice they’re using the public whois data provided by ICANN because I used UMW’s street address as a way of deflecting any personal info from being out there—a cheaper ID protect option

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Reclaim Your Domain Web Series

A few weeks ago I decided to start putting together some targeted screencasts from the standpoint of building a website from scratch using Reclaim Hosting. It’s one thing to have lots of written documentation (and we’ve got that in spades at but another to sit back and watch someone work through all the various aspects of building out a web presence. What I love most is that even I learn a thing or two in the process!

Below is a quick recap of the first 4 episodes that are already out. Each on is attached to an ongoing playlist and you can subscribe to our YouTube channel to see them when they come out as there will definitely be more!

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Just Say No to Domain Phone Scams

I woke up to an email from a concerned Reclaim Hosting faithful that got my attention immediately:
Thank you for your email! I actually have a concern regarding security issues. I received a call today from someone called John, claiming that he is representing Reclaim Hosting and is calling because I recently purchased a domain at reclaim hosting. He asked me to provide him with my visa card info so he can activate my domain and put it on the server, he claimed. I told him that I did activate my domain, but he asked for me to pay $ 20.99 more to put it on the sever so I can keep it forever! I refused to provide any further information because I want to know what this is about. Is this supposed to happen? I already paid for my domain, and I am already using it. What is this all about? Thank you for your help!
I want to thank this concerned web citizen for letting us know and allowing me to share the details here. I think it is important to note Reclaim Hosting will never call you asking for your credit card information. EVER. In fact, we never see—nor want to see—the entirety of your credit card information. That is a major flag, and John is indeed a scammer that must have access to new domain registrations via the whois information. What’s more, he seems to be part of a sleazy operation that is cold-calling random registrants phone numbers trying to get their credit card information. It is a bad scam, and I can see how folks might fall for it. Luckily, this Reclaimer just said NO!  Continue reading "Just Say No to Domain Phone Scams"

Static HTML Contact Forms

Continuing with yesterday’s post about building your website around an HTML5 Up template, I wanted to tackle other features on the site. Yesterday I showed how to go about uploading a template to your file manager, and I explained how to make a few basic changes including editing your browser tab title & fixing how your header title links back to your homepage. I also went over how to add your own custom photos, and how to rename them to match the code in your index.html file. However still has a glaring issue- currently the about section looks like this: The generic text is there, yes, but also that contact form is currently leading no where. These items are also resting in the index.html file within my file manager, so that’s where I’ll be. Unlike something like Python that takes a bit of translating, HTML is pretty straight forward. <section> for example, generally means you’re in a new section… things like that. So you really don’t need to be fluent in HTML to be able to understand it and make changes. Continue reading "Static HTML Contact Forms"

Site Publisher & HTML 5 UP

Who else is loving the new Site Publisher feature on cPanel? (If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, check out cPanel’s blog post I Just Want a Site.) I’ve just recently had a chance to start playing around with it- so cool! The one noteworthy item to mention beforehand: Site Publisher is great for it’s intended purpose, to get a site up and running quickly. If you’re wanting any more than a landing page, you might be better off using something else.

Tim Owens just recently published a how-to for Site Publisher as Reclaim Hosting’s third episode in a new video series called Reclaim Your Domain:

Psst.. if you’re comparing notes between the cPanel blog post that I linked to above and the video here, you’ll notice that Reclaim has added extra templates within the interface. Yay for more choices!

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“Anything is Possible in Linux”

I was doing a major migration of various sites for Gary Stanton, a Historic Preservation professor I worked with on and off for a decade at the University of Mary Washington. About the same time I was leaving he was retiring, and we had worked together on a ton of WordPress sites. He is a folklorist by training, and he has an unbelievably eclectic interests in all sorts of awesome vernacular American culture. When he creates class sites, they usually weigh-in by the gigabyte given how many audio files, images, and documents he shares with his students. He’s been building sites like that for years, and when he asked if he could move his stuff to Reclaim Hosting after retirement I jumped at the chance. He has so much cool stuff to share, he’s one of those folks that makes the web a better pace by populating it with his closet of curiosities. And to think Reclaim can help make sure it’s online and stays around for the long haul is an honor and a privilege. Continue reading "“Anything is Possible in Linux”"

Calendar Apps Worth Looking Into

Something you may or may not already know: I’m constantly on the search for the best team of apps that will help me get through my day. And coming from the person who can’t go into Target without buying a fresh spiral notebook, that’s saying something. My EMM (English Major Morals) have always steered me towards the more romantic option- pen & paper. But as much as I hate to admit it, I’ve slowly joined the rest of the world and have chosen efficiency over romance: Phone Organization. I’ve narrowed it down to my top two favorites.

The Do-All (Free) App: Microsoft Outlook

I first tried out an Outlook email app a year or two ago when I had a .edu email address for school. During my first experience, the app was super buggy & it froze constantly. It would say that all was synced and refreshed, but it wouldn’t actually do the refreshing. It wasn’t reliable, and I quickly deleted it.

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