We’re Live!

Over the past few weeks we've seen an outpouring of support and interest in Reclaim Hosting. We're excited to finally launch and announce that signups are open. If you are running a course that would benefit from having your students get a domain of their own and web hosting, point them to https://reclaimhosting.com to sign up. If you wish to cover the fee for students you register for an account here and submit a support ticket to us with the number of domains you will need and we'll be happy to generate an invoice for you. 

In addition to launching Reclaim Hosting we want to focus the next few months not only on building a great system to provide educators and students with web hosting, but also on building a community of people in the field who are doing this. We can all learn from each other and support each other in this exciting adventure. To that end we have build the Reclaim Hosting community, a forum where you can get advice and help, offer tips and tricks, and post about pretty much anything you're doing with Reclaim Hosting. Be sure to also follow the hashtag #reclaim on Twitter, and we'll be publishing weekly videos and screencasts to help the community further. We're also continually building out the Knowledgebase and if you're written a tutorial for your class feel free to share it with the community and we'll add it there! 

This is by far the most exciting thing we've ever done and we're stoked you want to be a part of it. Let's make the myths together.

Jim Groom and Tim Owens