Screenshot Scenes

Scenes from the last few weeks…which in some ways have felt like a blur, and in other ways have been great quality time. Dual monitor setup to watch Tim share for the first time! Playing Quiplash with some Reclaim peeps to keep our minds off the news. Recording an extended presentation for #OER20 :: Session available here! Participating in #OER20– a brilliant event put on remotely by the lovely…

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OER20: Scaling in the Open

So another presentation at a conference in the books! I never thought I’d present virtually, let alone in my dining room (peep the microwave in my background during the videos), but the folks at ALT sure do know how to throw a shindig! I’ve enjoyed the conference so much and hearing all the wonderful work […]

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Tips on Working from Home

With news about Coronavirus updating seemingly by the hour (I feel like we’ve been living in a movie these last few weeks), a lot of schools/businesses/organizations/etc. have resorted to sending employees home to work remotely. Reclaim Hosting included. I feel incredibly lucky that my job has been remote for quite a while now so this shift has not felt as huge for me. On the other hand, I’ve received calls…

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Winning in Last Place

There has been a major transition in my work over the past 3 months that is worth noting and applauding. We had some goals in place last year that I would be able to remove myself as much as possible from the day to day support tickets. For a variety

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Updraft Plus vs All-in-One

During the discussion of the February intentional learning, Jim mentioned he started using the All-in-One WP migration plugin when working with WordPress to WordPress migrations. Through the many migrations I’ve done while at Reclaim, I’ve found the easiest option is to use a backup/migration plugin like UpDraft or All-in-One, because most of the time I […]

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