A New Era for Reclaim Hosting

Maybe the post title seems dramatic, but the last month has seen a pretty major shift at Reclaim Hosting. It’s funny, because in terms of evolution I think Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey seems fairly accurate in this instance, … Continue reading

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Some Notes on Migrations

This post will be as much about thinking through account migrations for Reclaim Hosting, as trying to capture some of the technical aspects of moving sites to Reclaim Cloud. In fact, it promises to be all over the place, but … Continue reading

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Notes: LiteSpeed Certification Part 2

Picking up from yesterday, you can find my notes here: LiteSpeed Certification Part 1. Understanding OPCache By enabling OPCache, you can speed up PHP that cannot be cached. As with anything, this comes with pros and cons: Pro: PHP is served faster by caching internal calls Con: OPCache is cleared …

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Notes: LiteSpeed Certification Part 1

I have so much to catch up on in terms of blogging and reminiscing over the last few months here and I’m promising myself that I’ll get to it soon enough. In the meantime, I wanted to jump to present day and talk about a Professional Development meeting that I …

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Reclaim Hosting Turns 8

Happy 8th Birthday to our dear @ReclaimHosting! ?? — Lauren Hanks (@brumface) July 23, 2021 Little note here on the bavablog to recognize that last week Reclaim Hosting turned 8 years old. Seems like just yesterday I was blogging about … Continue reading

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Post Mortem on BJM Server Outage

On Monday, June 14th at 2PM EST an upgrade to the MySQL engine on server (Shared Hosting) was initiated to upgrade from MySQL 5.7 to MySQL 8. This upgrade was tested on a development server without issue, however the upgrade failed and in the process of upgrading corrupted the

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