Be Kind, Reclaim

Meredith, Lauren, and I are gearing up for the OER19 conference in Galway in a couple of weeks, a trip we are all looking very much forward to. In fact, I have a post due quite soon for the OER19 … Continue reading

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Reclaim Merchandise Pt. 2

Remember that one time we sold t-shirts? And then I turned my dining room into a shipping center? Well, I’m happy to announce that we’re back for round 2! Reclaim has come a long way since 2016, and dining room shipping centers are a thing of the past. We have a bonafide office to use for our return address now (lol), and we’re bringing a ton of variety to….

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Make Trax

We are adding a seventh early 80s video game cabinet to the ever-growing Reclaim Arcade. The games is a bit niche, I first knew it as Crush Roller (which is odd given that was its name in Japan), but it … Continue reading

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WP Last Login & Admin Columns

Note: this post really only pertains to anyone interested in tracking the signup date / last login activity for their users within a WordPress dashboard. Yep– I’m looking at you, DoOO Admins. A few weeks ago (I’m clearly behind on blogging) I was asked by a DoOO admin at Georgetown if there was an easy way to see, side by side, both the date that the user signed up alongside…

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