Domain Transfer Tips and Tricks

Have you run into any issues when transferring a domain recently? There are EPP codes, privacy protection, emails to approve or deny the transfer, unlocking the domain at the registrar, .etc. So I’d like to use this post as a guide to getting the domain set up properly to ensure the transfer goes through on […]

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Domains section in cPanel

There’s a newer section in cPanel called the ‘Domains’ section. This strives to combine the subdomain, alias, and addon domains sections in cPanel allowing you to manage all domains in one interface. Yay platform changes! When I first started in the wide world of web hosting, I got used to managing addons in the Addon […]

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Rsync is a great tool to use when you’re moving large files between a server. Reclaim uses it often when working through migrations. To start, you’ll want to make sure you’re logged into the server where the content currently is.  Then you’ll want to run the following command  ‘rsync -avz .’ First, let’s break […]

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How to redirect a top-level domain without impacting subfolders

So I got a ticket this morning (thank you Skidmore Domains!) regarding domain redirection and ending up teaching myself the fix thanks to my bff Google! Now I’m not sure if this solution is “best practice” since it involves tweaking the .htaccess file, but it worked and I’m proud of it nonetheless. 🙂 Support Scenario: Can I redirect a top-level domain without impacting subdirectories of that domain? For instance, let’s…

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Quick Actions: Converting .HEIC to .jpg

This post is completely out of the norm of what I usually write about, but wanted to document a workflow that I use fairly regularly when uploading photos to my computer. With the rollout of iOS 11, I’ve noticed that if I airdrop photos from my iPhone to my Mac, the photos will drop in on my desktop as .HEIC files. It’s not all the time, so I’m not sure…

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