Top Ten Reasons to Reclaim in Ten Days

The Fall semester has taken us all by storm and hopefully you’ve had a chance to see things start to quiet down (or perhaps you’re looking fondly at the calendar towards December when that might be a reality). We feel you and we also realize that folks are already starting

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Backups Done Right

One of the crucial elements to owning your own space online is the ability to tinker and play without fear that you will break something and be unable to fix it. Inevitably things go wrong on occasion and keeping regular backups of your content is highly advised (but that’s easier

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Where Reclaim’s Going

More than a year ago the idea of “reclaiming the web” started to congeal for me as a result of the MIT Hackathon I attended. It’s there where Audrey Watters and Kin Lane plugged me into the future of the web. During that two day stint we imagined a project called Reclaim

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cPanel Access in the Client Area

If I had to pin down the single greatest feature request in the past year that we’ve heard from clients it comes back to password management. Before today you had one password to sign up, another to login to cPanel, and then more passwords when you installed applications. We hear

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Updates to our Pricing Model

As many of you know, when we began Reclaim Hosting last summer we made the decision to run as a pilot for the first year offering domains at cost and charging nothing for hosting. We wanted to ensure this was both a service that people wanted to see as well

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Brand New Design

Reclaim Hosting got a fresh coat of paint today with a full site redesign including the client area. When we began Reclaim Hosting last summer our priority was getting the infrastructure up and running. With over 1,500 users after 1 year I can confidently say it has been (and continues

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