Reclaim Merchandise- Limited Time Only!

Hey all- I’ve got some exciting news this morning! In celebration of Reclaim Hosting completely rebranding (and just being awesome in general), we’ve decided to sell t-shirts. A new look, you…

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.htaccess file in Home Folder

I was recently migrating an account from InMotion Hosting to Reclaim (why yes, we do provides free migrations). InMotion uses cPanel, so that usually means the migration will be dead simple. But for some reason after I had migrated everything the … Continue reading

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Hosting VCU’s Ram Pages

Reclaim Hosting has been hosting VCU’s Ram Pages as of the beginning of the Spring semester. It reinforces for me there is nothing Tim Owens can’t do, another yet another example of the powerful ripple effects of #ds106 on edtech. We’ve … Continue reading

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Updates to Scalar

Today we are pushing out a new release of Scalar, the born-digital publishing platform developed by The Alliance for Networking Visual Culture at USC. The latest version of Scalar offers some really exciting enhancement’s to the interface including a completely overhauled new theme for published work that is mobile-ready and a

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CPanel’s Transfer Tool

Recently I was moving a shared hosting client from one of our older servers to a newer one because of some performance issues she was having given the resource needs of her site. I used CPanel’s Transfer Tool for this, and I wanted … Continue reading

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