Some Hosting Advice for Reclaim

Hosting Advice feature on Reclaim Hosting

A month or so ago Alexandra Leslie of Hosting Advice reached out to us to find out a bit about who we are (i.e. Reclaim Hosting) and how we got started. Turns out they got wind of this small, niche hosting company that predominantly serves educators and students, and they were intrigued. While I was traveling in the UK they published a feature blog post about Reclaim Hosting that recounts our story—and I have to say it was pretty cool to read it. I think we’ve been so deep in the day-to-day of running Reclaim that it’s easy to forget there is a pretty cool story arc developing around this work, and it includes a broad community of folks that want to take ed-tech back from the venture capitalists, data fascists, and boring ass learning management systems.  Continue reading "Some Hosting Advice for Reclaim"