Q&A with Reclaim Hosting CoFounders

In the spirit of entering a hiring phase at Reclaim Hosting, I’ve been working closely with Judith to make sure our internal onboarding documentation is up to date. To help introduce the Reclaim CoFounders to new employees, especially our remote workers, we thought it would be fun to create a video in which I would interview Tim and Jim about the company history, their current roles, and where they think Reclaim is headed. You can view this video on our Podcast page, or by watching the embedded version below. This is one of my favorite episodes yet, so if you can spare the 45 min, I highly recommend!

Summer Cleaning: Kin HR

I was chatting with the team a few days ago about an internal vs. external focus within Reclaim, and always making sure there’s some sort of balance happening there. The last few months have largely been consumed by launching a sister web hosting company, hosting a two-day event out of state, and phases of heavy support. I consider this external. Everything listed is for the people.

Now that Reclaim has entered a slower season (*knock on wood*) we’re focusing a little more on the internal happenings at Reclaim.We’re spending time on internal + external documentation & organization, training & onboarding, and taking a break. Some projects are far easier than others, but all the more reason to tackle them, right? We’ve also just brought on our newest team member, Meredith Fierro, so make sure to read our updated About page here! And speaking of updated web pages, we have added an extensive list of schools associated with Reclaim Hosting, as well as a Code of Conduct within the last month.

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