OERxDomains: Artwork, Aesthetic, and Admiration

Next stop on the OERxDomains Blogging train: the Artwork. Bryan Mathers‘ work is simply too good to not to talk about for a full post. You can also read Jim’s post about the conference aesthetic here.

First up, the different logos. The color bars reminded me a lot of the painted bars we did for Reclaim Video, and also the header images for Domains19. It was fun to carry that through here:

Building on the tv/video metaphor even further, the most widely used images for the event were undoubtedly the red tv boxes:

We knew that we wanted the conference schedule to embody an TV Guide in which conference participants were flipping through ‘channels’ (i.e. tracks) to watch the various presentations:

Even more, we wanted participants to feel fully immersed in the conference, almost like they were jumping into the tv screen themselves to participate. To join along, and make it a full-blown community production:

All presentations were embedded in the logo’s TV frame to help with this.

This also let to animated jingles that quickly became the intros and outros for each ‘episode’:

^Om Nom Nom
^Musical Audio
^The Swoosh

It also led to a whole other branch of neon awesomeness:

^OERxDomains Neon
^Neon People

We wanted folks to create a virtual media badge to share when introducing themselves & talking about the conference. The community artwork that came as a result was gorgeous:

The OERxDomains21 ‘swag’ came next, naturally. (Items are still available for purchase on the shop page.)

Gearing up for Day 2 of the conference

When my OERxDomains package arrived
Merch making its way to Reclaim HQ

And finally, just this morning I sat down with Jim and Maren to reflect on the vision for OERxDomains and so much more. Feel free to watch below:

Reclaim Merchandise- Limited Time Only!

Hey all- I’ve got some exciting news this morning! In celebration of Reclaim Hosting completely rebranding (and just being awesome in general), we’ve decided to sell t-shirts.

A new look, you say?? Yes. Check it out:

Click to view slideshow.

How cool, right? I can’t get over how awesome everything looks. To get a bigger sense of the analogies at work, read Jim Groom’s awesome posts about them here, here and here.  (By the way, all of these were done by the brilliant Bryan Mathers.)

So keeping this look in mind, here’s our available shirt options:

Click to view slideshow.

Antique Cherry colored shirt with a blue logo | Indigo Blue colored shirt with an Orange Logo

Shirts are $20.00 each, but include free shipping and a little something extra in each delivered package. You can purchase them from our Merchandise store here!

Note: Shirts will only be available for purchase for a limited time. We will be taking orders for one week and closing next Friday, 4/15 at 11:59pm EST. Get ’em while they’re hot!