Podcast Generator

After being asked by a friend about podcast options on Reclaim, I started playing with the podcasting tool Podcast Generator. I heard about it thanks to this thread by Tim Klapdor on the Reclaim Hosting Community Forums. It’s a really simple content management system designed specifically for podcasts.  It provides a stripped down space to upload files and simple metadata like title, description, and categories. It also provides iTunes integration and an OG RSS feed.

I was intrigued so I finally tried installing it, and it took all of two minutes.  All I needed to do was upload the zip file through File Manager, extract it, and then move the contents of the unzipped folder into the root directory where the application will run. After that, I just open my browser and point to the URL it is installed at and I am greeted with a wizard that simply asks me to create a username and password. Part of the simplicity of this install is there’s no database, it’s running a flat file structure. It is easy enough that even I may be able to build an installer for Installatron through Reclaim Hosting. That is a small project I am setting for myself over the coming weeks—although it is so easy it may be unnecessary.

Tim Klapdor ultimately rolled his own using Jekyl, which looks quite good. I’m sure there are a million recipes through WordPress given the resurgence of podcasting over the last few years, and I’d be keen to learn how folks are approaching their setups both within WordPress and beyond.