Running Azuracast on Reclaim Cloud

Following-up on my last post about Reclaim Radio, here is how I got the web radio software Azuracast up and running. The process was made easy by the fact that Azuracast has instructions on how to self-install a Docker instance of their software. Even better, Reclaim Hosting now has Reclaim Cloud that just so happens to allow you to install Docker containers quite easily.

To begin with you will need to setup a Docker Engine on Reclaim Cloud by clicking on the downward-facing arrow next to the Docker tab:

After that select Docker Engine:

At the next prompt create the domain (, name the server (Reclaim Radio), and decide in what region you want the app to live (UK).

After the Docker Engine is created you can login to the web SSH tool and create the azuracast within the var directory:

mkdir -p /var/azuracast

After that, change directories:

cd /var/azuracast

From within the azurcast directory download their Docker Utility Script:

curl -fsSL

Set it as executable:

chmod a+x

And then run the Docker installation process:
./ install

Soon after that the container with the Azuracast software will be up and running.

Keep in mind, you will want to make sure you define the domain as the custom domain you want the software to run in, in our example it is version This is important when installing the Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate through the application.
./ letsencrypt-create

Finally, you will want to point an A record for the custom domain name to the container’s public IP address where ever you manage DNS, for this instance I was using the Zone Editor in cPanel for

At this point you can login to Azuracast and start managing the application, here is a good guide to get you started on that journey.

Reclaim Radio

Reclaim Radio in the wild

This has been a long time coming. More than a month ago we were imagining how cool it would be to have a space where we could play music like we did in the office, all the while I was playing on ds106radio. There is no reason why ds106radio cannot be the default, but it can get busy and we wanted to think of it as a focused Reclaim Hosting radio station for listening (if you want) while you work. What’s more, we were fans of how Taylor Jadin just up and created his own radio station.

I played with setting up the open source radio broadcasting software Azuracast on Digital Ocean a few weeks back, but soon after that Reclaim Cloud took over my life. I put the project on hold for  a while, but last week before I got an instance of Azuracast up and running in a Docker container on Reclaim Cloud using Docker Engine and a few choice commands. It was quite easy, and I will document the installation process in another post shortly. And if all goes to plan, I hope to have a one-click application installer for Reclaim Cloud, but I may just be dreaming that part of this post.

I still have a bit to do in terms of making sure everyone else at Reclaim has access, figuring out uploading music, and then documenting how to live broadcast, upload music, create playlists, etc. So it’s still early days yet, but the software is impressive, and if I can get everything figured out this week I may even reach out to the ds106radio hippies and see if a move to Azuracast might make some sense in the near future.