Tshirt Sneak Peek

A huge thank you to everyone who purchased a limited edition Reclaim tee. Even though I’ve always known that RH is awesome, it’s wonderful realizing again and again how many others think so too.

While the shirts are no longer available online, yesterday came the next step for Project Reclaim Swag: heading to Charlottesville, Va to meet with the printers. We wanted to finalize the sizing & spacing of the logo in person, as well as get an overall feel for how everything is going to come together.

Where the magic happens. :)

I’ve never actually seen how t-shirt printing works, so for me it was really cool to get a ‘behind-the-scenes’ tour. Tshirt Sneak Peek

Tshirt Sneak Peek
Where pantone colors are mixed. How neat, right?
Tshirt Sneak Peek
Playing with logos on the Ladies Cut Antique Cherry shirt.

The antique cherry is a little less ‘antique’ than I had originally imagined; there’s less pink, and more of a bolder, brick red feel. The color definitely grew on me right there in the shop- so excited for that one!

Tshirt Sneak Peek
Indigo Blue shirts.

And then there’s the Indigo Blue shirts… hard to beat ’em. They’re a little more true to their picture: mellow blue meets slate gray. I may or may not be getting one in each color.

Hopefully collecting the shirts at the end of the week & then sending them out (along with a little surprise) shortly after that! Stay tuned.

Reclaim Merchandise- Limited Time Only!

Hey all- I’ve got some exciting news this morning! In celebration of Reclaim Hosting completely rebranding (and just being awesome in general), we’ve decided to sell t-shirts.

A new look, you say?? Yes. Check it out:

Click to view slideshow.

How cool, right? I can’t get over how awesome everything looks. To get a bigger sense of the analogies at work, read Jim Groom’s awesome posts about them here, here and here.  (By the way, all of these were done by the brilliant Bryan Mathers.)

So keeping this look in mind, here’s our available shirt options:

Click to view slideshow.

Antique Cherry colored shirt with a blue logo | Indigo Blue colored shirt with an Orange Logo

Shirts are $20.00 each, but include free shipping and a little something extra in each delivered package. You can purchase them from our Merchandise store here!

Note: Shirts will only be available for purchase for a limited time. We will be taking orders for one week and closing next Friday, 4/15 at 11:59pm EST. Get ’em while they’re hot!

Inside Reclaim Records

inside the store

Reclaim Records is starting to get further fleshed out thanks to the latest installment from the great Bryan Mathers. I really love the colors in this one, not to mention the synchronization of all the details we’ve been working on from album covers, to the #ds106 coffee mug, to the awesome EDUPUNK poster (a work of art within the work of art), the smack-talking on Canada, and the figure behind the counter. The idea will be to switch the face of Reclaim—this one presumably me given the hairline and glasses—with caricatures of Tim and Lauren. Each of us behind the counter server up the goods. What this image makes me want more than anything else is a Reclaim storefront.
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Reclaim Records

Reclaim Records

The idea of Reclaim Hosting as a kind of independent record label for ed-tech is an idea I’ve been playing with since a talk at Davidson College more than a year ago. This past fall Adam Croom and I explored it further in relationship to Indie Ed-Tech as a movement, which was punctuated by Audrey Watters epic, aspirational post on Indie Ed-Tech in December. About the same time I was talking with Bryan Mathers about using the logo he designed for us, which I love.
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