Fall Reclaim Roadshow at Trinity College

Interest in the Reclaim Roadshow seems to be building as we just had to close the registration for the coming Roadshow at Bryn Mawr in May as we’ve run out of seats. This is the first time we’ve sold out in the two years we’ve been doing these regional workshops—which is pretty cool. 
But do not despair because Jason Jones and the fine folks at Trinity College’s Edtech group have been kind enough to host a Roadshow on October 15th and 16th. We have already opened up registration, so if you are looking for a Domains workshop this coming fall we’ve got you covered. 

For anyone new to the Reclaim Roadshow extravaganza, we run a two-day workshop that is usually hosted by a Domains school to keep the costs down. The first day is primarily geared towards system administrators of campus-based Domain of One’s Own project. Throughout the day we do a deep-dive into managing a cPanel server (a.k.a WHM), WHMCS (the automation and client management piece of WHM), as well as the WordPress portal wherein we integrate all three—a kind of technical holy Trinity of Domains if you will ? Day 1 does come at a cost of $450 per person, and is capped at 15-20 attendees. 

Day 2, on the other hand, is free for anyone to attend, and this half of the workshop has evolved organically into a kind of user-group for Domain of One’s Own schools wherein they are able to highlight how they’re managing domains, to both provide guidance and get feedback from other folks using Domain of One’s Own. What’s more, day 2 is not so focused on the infrastructure of Domains, given there is a tremendous amount of sharing around specific projects and processes for working with staff, students, and faculty. It’s proven to be a generative experience for exploring how many different ways this project can be utilized in and out of the classroom.

You can get a rough idea of how we have designed the workshop by peeking at the schedule for Bryn Mawr’s Roadshow here. If you’re not already signed-up for May, then it may be high-time to get on bus this coming October!

Reclaim Roadshow Headed for Philly in May

It seems like just yesterday we were in Los Angeles with an awesome crew of folks talking all things Domains, but time flies when you are reclaiming the web one site at a time! We are really excited to announce our Spring roadshow that will take place May 7th and 8th at Bryn Mawr College. You can find out more and/or sign-up for a spot over on the Roadshow website. We even have a draft of the two-day schedule up for your perusal. Keep in mind day 1 is geared toward Domain of One’s Own admins and costs $450 to attend,  while day 2 is free and open to  folks who want to share the work happening at their school, or even learn more about this whole Domains thing. Day 2 is organized so that everyone can both share and learn from other DoOO schools, and generally explore the limits and possibilities on and across campuses.

I’ll be spending my down time haunting this place…that and eating cheese steaks!

LA Roadshow Recap

10 days ago I was sitting in a room in Los Angeles with 12 other folks listening to Marie Selvanadin, Sundi Richard, and Adam Croom talk about work they’re doing with Domains, and it was good! That session was followed by Peter Sentz providing insight on how BYU Domains provides and supports top-level domains and hosting for over 10,000 users on their campus. And first thing that Friday morning Lauren and I kicked the day off by highlighting Tim Clarke’s awesome work with the Berg Builds community directory as well as Coventry Domains‘s full-blown frame for a curriculum around Domains with Coventry Learn. In fact, the first 3 hours of Day 2 were a powerful reminder of just how much amazing work is happening at the various schools that are providing the good old world wide web as platform to their academic communities. 


All of the presenters that shared at the workshop provided a wide range of examples, and they were kind enough to provide both links and slides post-facto. I’m including them below along with some notes from our shared Google Doc of the panel session:

Panel on “Possibilities with Domains” featuring Marie Selvanadin (Georgetown), Sundi Richard (Davidson) and Adam Croom (OU Create):


  • Why Domains? “..provides you with web hosting so that you can take ownership of your online presence, develop valuable digital skills and engage in open and connected learning practices that go beyond institutional boundaries.”
    • Digital Fluency 
    • Digital Identity
    • Digital Freedom
  • community.bergbuilds.domains
    • Community Directory
    • Lead with examples
  • Coventry.domains
  • Hosting.nyu.edu
    • Web Hosting vs. web publishing
  • Georgetown
    • Marie: Teaching and Learning Center
    • Cross campus collaboration using Domains
    • Learning, Design, and Technology
    • Flourishing in College and Community
  • Davidson College
    • Shared a bunch of examples of how domains is being used
    • Faculty: When we meet new faculty, we let all faculty know about domains
  • Oklahoma Create 
    • Webfest
    • Faculty development programs
    • The creaties
      • This highlights good sites and shows what good work looks like
      • It is a way to award people for good work
      • e-mail list of all users, send broad e-mail to seek for nominations
    • This week on OU create
      • Weekly blog on best of OU Create
      • Students lead this activity
    • OER: textbooks online

You can also see the full slides from Peter Sentz’s presentation which created over a year ago as a defense of the BYU Domains program over a year ago, and really intelligently frames the pros and cons of  running a domains program at scale, and what it requires. 

The afternoon of day 2 was spent diving into SPLOTs, which is becoming a cornerstone of our Roadshow sessions at this point. I love those tiny teaching tools more and more each time I share them with folks. Below are a few examples of SPLOTs that were shared during the show and tell, many of which were created in just a few minutes time as part of the workshop: talk about fast cheap, and out of control edtech!

SPLOTs Show & Tell:

One of the questions that came up during the SPLOT workshop is if there’s a SPLOT for podcasting, which reminded me of this post Adam Croom wrote a while back about his podcasting workflow: “My Podcasting Workflow with Amazon S3.” . We’re always on the look-out for new SPLOTs to bring to the Reclaim masses, and it would be cool to have an example that moves beyond WordPress just to make the point a SPLOT is not limited to WordPress (as much as we love it) —so maybe Adam and I can get the band back together ?

And that was just day 2!* In fact, the workshops are starting to take on a shape that seems to work. Day 1 is a deep-dive into the technical management of the Domain of One’s Own platform, which means we get in the weeds of how WordPress, WHMCS, and WHM all work together to automate the creation of cPanel accounts through a given campus’s single sign-on. Understanding the ins and outs of these systems takes training, and the workshops are one way to provide campus admins more dedicated instruction as they want to take over more responsibilities on the ground and be proficient with their web hosting environment. All that training has been compressed into day 1 (you can find much of the workshop documentation on our site), and day 2 is dedicated to sharing how various schools are approaching, supporting, and enabling work on their platforms. It’s a lot of fun to hear all the good work, and I think it is quite useful for re-invigorating folks given it takes a lot of time, attention, and care for a Domains program to take root and grow. 

Special thanks to all those folks who attended,  you can see the participants list here (it’s a SPLOT!) and given the success of this workshop (and last year’s at Skidmore College) we are currently planning on running another in the Philadelphia area for Spring 2020, so stay tuned!  

*I’m kind of exploring an in media res approach to this recap post because I am always experimenting ?

LA Reclaim Roadshow

In a couple of weeks Lauren and I will be heading West to put on the second Reclaim Roadshow at Emerson College’s Sunset Blvd campus. We will be in the belly of the Hollywood beast with some state-of-the-art media digs. We have a full house again, and will be following a similar approach as we did at Skidmore College last year. We are thrilled to have 15 folks from 10 different colleges and universities that cover a diverse range of approaches to Domains. Day 1 will focus on an in-depth training around the infrastructure, diving into WHMCS and WHM, and will also feature some SPLOT love.

Image of Emerson LA on Sunset Blvd

Emerson LA on Sunset Blvd is a futuristic take on the Jawa Sandcrawler, and I love it!

Day 2 will act more as a user group where folks like Peter Sentz will share how BYU Domains has scaled to more than 10,000 users, as well as exploring how they have tried to measure its impact. And we will have a special remote panel featuring Marie Selvanadin (Georgetown), Adam Croom (University of Oklahoma), and Sundi Richard (Davidson) that will share what’s been made possible through the implementation of Domains on their campus. What’s more, we are planning on swapping tales between existing schools as well as new schools that could use some tips and tricks as they get their project of the ground. Looks like the 7 Things You Should Know about Domain of One’s Own from ELI could not come out soon enough, but more on that in another post.

Tech Noir bar from Terminator, dig the neon!

I’m really excited about meeting up with folks in LA, and not just because I love that city, but also because it is the home of Tech Noir! 

Reclaim Roadshow at MSU: the Ghost of Digital Presence

We are happy to announce our second Reclaim Roadshow at Michigan State University on February 21st and 22nd of next year. As I already noted in my last post, I’m pretty thrilled with the Scooby-Doo inspired aesthetic we dreamed up for our Roadshows, and this is the first time we are putting into action. In fact, you can head over to the site and see how it’s “rolled out.” 

I would also recommend reading Lauren’s post on her creation process of the website for the Roadshow, which simply pops! But lest this devolve into a backslapping post about how awesome the art is (there will be plenty more posts about that ? ) it might be helpful to talk a bit about this event. When we were considering the Roadshow originally we actually reached out to Michigan State first given the great work Chris Long, Kristen Mapes and Scott Schopieray have done to promote the idea of Digital Presence for their faculty and graduate students. They really nailed the concept with a short video they produce a couple of years ago that sums up their vision quite well:

Originally MSU was going to be our first Roadshow, but when the opportunity to try it out at Skidmore College availed itself we grabbed it, and I am glad we did because I think the experience will make the MSU Roadshow that much better. The plan for February is that we will run a focused workshop on February 21st that will be an opportunity for folks managing Domains at their campus (or who will soon be) to get an in-depth look at the backend of the system. If you are interested in this workshop you can register here.

On February 22nd (day 2) the good folks at MSU will be organizing a day-long  event loosely organized around the topic of Digital Presence. I am excited about the unconference approach, and it is something quite different from what we did at Skidmore College. MSU recently hired Kathleen Fitzpatrick as the Director of Digital Humanities and her pushing on academia reclaiming their web presence for publishing and beyond with her work at the MLA with Commons in a Box offers a unique and exciting opportunity to bring together folks exploring the intersections of Digital Humanities, the Indie Web, and broader ideas of digital identity. I’m getting excited just writing about it. So, if you have no interest in the workshop, but want to come for a day-long conference dealing with a wide range of concerns around the specter of digital presence (you like what I did there?) then sign-up for day 2 and come join us at MSU.

Well, that’s it for now, I need to get this officially announced before the holidays, but I’ll be sure to say more later next week after the Christmas dust settles to start drumming up interest in what promises to be a pretty awesome Roadshow.

Reclaim Roadshows and the Specter of ds106

You know it has been a busy week (month, fall, year) when it takes 3 days to blog the latest Bryan Mathers magic for Reclaim Hosting, but such is life as a successful businessman. In fact, I’m putting the cart before the horse here a bit by blogging about the art for our next Roadshow (which will be at Michigan State University in late February, but more on that in my next post) before officially announcing the event, but such is life in the fast lane of corporate edtech. 

Anyway, following on the fun we had at Skidmore College with our first Roadshow we doubled-down with Michigan State for what will be our second Roadshow, and while we were consolidating some of the details it occurred to me we really need some art for these events. For me it is always aesthetic first, truth and details later. So, two weeks ago Lauren and I reached out to Bryan and he was kind enough to turn around a meeting within a few days and we had our discussion. We laid out what the Roadshow was all about, essentially it’s a way for Reclaim to hit the road and bring together folks in specific regions of the US (and soon beyond?!) to provide targeted training to folks who could not make it to our workshop. What’s more, we built in a second day to bring together current Domain of One’s Own schools in the region to share the work they’re doing. And, as we quickly learned at Skidmore, it also provides a unique opportunity for those schools who are interested in exploring Domains to get an on-the-ground look at how it is being used. 

So, we gave Bryan the overview and the discussion got underway and what seems like almost immediately we stumbled on what might be the best Reclaim Hosting marketing campaign to date (I’m little more than a crass marketer after all, but with a heart of gold—unlike all those other thought leaders!). We started talking about road tripping for Reclaim and I could not help but think of the bus…which made me think of the brilliant grant proposal (at the goading of Brian Lamb) we submitted under the aegis of ds106 to the Gates Foundation back in the day to fund a ds106 bus. They couldn’t see the magic, surprisingly, but luckily if you will it, it is no dream…at least on paper. The bus has been re-animated as a Reclaim Roadshow Mystery Van a la Scooby Doo, and it is so damned beautiful I wanna cry!

I’ll talk more about the details around the Ghost of Digital Presence title in my next post, but you get a sense how each Roadshow can be its own episode with various “Monsters of EdTech” (borrowing from the now canonical Audrey Watters after the other day’s “I’m f**king done” announcement—punk rock) as topical villains to animate discussion. In fact, it only makes sense this will all be produced by Reclaim Video. The last discussion I had with Bryan was thinking through what an animated episode of an actual Reclaim Roadshow would look like—maybe Audrey would “ghost write” an episode? So, in order to kickstart some ideas I ordered the first two seasons (1969 and 1970) of Scooby Doo on DVD for holiday watching with the kids, and one of my resolutions for 2019 will be to see if we can create a Saturday Morning Animation series of Edtech. This also touches on another video project I have been wanting to teach, and even wrote an unnecessarily long email to Martin Weller about my ideas around video and teaching, but I should probably save that discussion for another post given this is already running long. 

If nothing else, let this post attest to the fact that Bryan Mathers is an endless fount of creative awesome! 

Reclaim Roadshow hits the Skid

It’s been quite day, week, month…the like of a Reclaimer is always intense! Between shoring up a wave of new schools with Domain of One’s Own as Fall arrived (welcome University of Brighton, CSU San Bernardino, Skidmore College, Wesleyan University, Bates College, and Drew University) as well as our more recent WordPress Multisite schools (hello Trinity Western College and University of New England!) we’ve been head’s down busy. What’s more, the new semester pushed our shared hosting services for universities and colleges everywhere into high gear. So, what did we do? We decided to add another event: the Reclaim Roadshow!

The idea of doing regional user-groups is something Justin Webb (we are getting the band back together!) suggested. We ran the Workshop of One’s Own twice last year and that was fun, but it was primarily focused on admin training and deep-dive into managing Domain of One’s Own. What we haven’t been doing (besides the Domains17 conference) is getting folks together to share how they are using Domains and show-off some of their work. We start discussing a possibility in the Spring, but after Ben Harwood talked to Lauren and I about a training session it quickly transformed into a two-day training/user-group event in beautiful Saratoga Spring, NY thanks to the good folks at Skidmore College. The event will be broken up into two-days, the first day will be admin  training and targeted instructional usage of Domains and the second will be a user-group conference driven my folks in the community sharing their experience, approach, projects, etc. 

2012/366/96 I Found the Bus!

We don’t have a Reclaim Bus yet, but I have to believe that cannot be far behind. So, if you are in the Upstate New York area (or willing to travel from around the Northeast) we would love to see you at the Reclaim Roadshow at Skidmore College on November 8 and 9th.