Just Say No to Domain Phone Scams

I woke up to an email from a concerned Reclaim Hosting faithful that got my attention immediately:
Thank you for your email! I actually have a concern regarding security issues. I received a call today from someone called John, claiming that he is representing Reclaim Hosting and is calling because I recently purchased a domain at reclaim hosting. He asked me to provide him with my visa card info so he can activate my domain and put it on the server, he claimed. I told him that I did activate my domain, but he asked for me to pay $ 20.99 more to put it on the sever so I can keep it forever! I refused to provide any further information because I want to know what this is about. Is this supposed to happen? I already paid for my domain, and I am already using it. What is this all about? Thank you for your help!
I want to thank this concerned web citizen for letting us know and allowing me to share the details here. I think it is important to note Reclaim Hosting will never call you asking for your credit card information. EVER. In fact, we never see—nor want to see—the entirety of your credit card information. That is a major flag, and John is indeed a scammer that must have access to new domain registrations via the whois information. What’s more, he seems to be part of a sleazy operation that is cold-calling random registrants phone numbers trying to get their credit card information. It is a bad scam, and I can see how folks might fall for it. Luckily, this Reclaimer just said NO!  Continue reading "Just Say No to Domain Phone Scams"