Managed Hosting Institutional Questionnaire

Managed Hosting Questionnaire

The following questions are meant to help guide a successful project and get you up and running in the shortest time possible. Please fill out and return the information that you have available to you, but we understand that you may not have all the answers right now and that’s ok too.

  1. Please provide contact information for the primary contact(s) for the project:

  2. What catch-all email address would you like to be used for notifications?

  3. Does your school utilize LDAP, CAS, Shibboleth, or another single sign-on solution? If yes, please specify.

  4. Who can Reclaim Hosting contact about SSO Integration & Migration?

  5. What IP ranges are used by your school? We need this information to make sure they are whitelisted on the new server.

  6. Please provide the URL of the main WordPress Multisite instance:

  7. Please provide the URL of the single, smaller WordPress installs:

  8. When are you hoping to have everything migrated to Reclaim Hosting?