Institutional Questionnaire

What’s the name of your official project?
(Ex: StateU Sites, StateU Domains)

Where would you like your project to live?
This can be a domain or subdomain. (Ex:,, etc)

What do you want to offer to your community? Select one answer:

• Free subdomains (ex:
• Free subdomains or Top Level Domains (ex: but the student is responsible for paying for the Top Level Domain.
• Free subdomains or Top Level domains, but we don’t want to charge students- we will cover the $12 registration cost per Top Level Domain.

Please provide contact information for the primary contact of this project:
Name, Email Address, Physical Address, Phone Number

Is there a default catch-all email address you’d like to use for notifications/support contact forms?

Does your school utilize LDAP, CAS, Shibboleth, or another single sign-on solution? If yes, please specify:

What are the IP ranges of your school?

When you return this form, please submit the following:

• A high-resolution logo for your project/school
• A high-resolution background image
• Terms of service or acceptable use policy (if your institution requires users on the system to agree during signup)