Flex Course: Hacks for Hybrid Working with Dr. Maren Deepwell

For many of us in Higher Ed, hybrid working is here to stay. So whether you’d like to create a better work/life balance juggling being on campus with working from home, or you are looking to move from crisis mode to a way of working that is more sustainable, healthful or simply a little more joyful, this course is for you. Join us to explore hacks to create a better hybrid workplace for everyone.

Flex Course: Running a Newsletter with Ghost

In this three-part session we will take you through the open source blog/newsletter platform Ghost. This will be a practical look at how to get up and running with a newsletter using Ghost quickly and easy, whether hosting directly through Ghost or running your own instance on Reclaim Cloud.


Flex Course: Open Media Ecosystem (PeerTube, JitsiMeet, and more!)

Learn how to set up, administer and integrate several open source media tools, including the web conferencing software Jitsi Meet, the streaming tool Owncast, the video cloud platform PeerTube, and the web radio software Azuracast.