July Community Chat: Tools that seem out of reach!

We’re gearing up “Gravity Form of an Awesome Series” with Tom Woodward, so for our next Community Chat let’s talk about the things you can do with WordPress that go beyond blogging, like forms, presentations, community sites, and more! We’ll start by sharing a few examples, including some cool stuff in Gravity Forms, then we’ll open it up for others to share their projects and favorite examples!

Flex Course: Headless WordPress Development

What is a Headless site and why/when would you use it? In this month-long series you will be introduced to the concepts around headless Wordpress development, with focus on the following: Using WordPress as an editor and database site, Working with the WordPress API to pull content into a static site, and Basic static site development with HTML/CSS/Javascript.


Workshop: Domain of One’s Own 101

The Reclaim Hosting team will be meeting  for a two-day, intensive workshop to talk about all things Domains. We’re looking to gather a group of administrators from various Domain of One’s