March Community Chat: Project Homepages

Our next community chat will be focused on Project Homepages, particularly for Domain of One’s Own and WordPress Multisite! We will be bringing in Noah Mitchell from Coventry University, and John Stewart from the University of Oklahoma to discuss the designs of the homepages for their Domain of One’s and WordPress Multisite services, and how those homepages help their users navigate the various offerings available to them and how to get started.

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April Community Chat: What we talk about when we talk about WordPress

April’s Community Chat will focus around how you get others started with WordPress. Do you start with conversations around digital identity? Do you like to start with the technical stuff? Do you dig right into the dashboard, or talk about posts and pages? We want to hear from technologists, designers, or anyone who finds themselves teaching people how to get started with a WordPress site. Let’s discuss and share strategies for guiding folks that are just starting out!

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May Community Chat: Instructional Tech Q&A

We’ll be hosting a Q&A session on Instructional Tech at Reclaim Hosting for the Community Chat on May 11, 2022. For those that haven’t yet heard about Reclaim Instructional Tech, this is professional development and intentional community support built specifically with Educational Technologists in mind. Bring any questions you might have, as well as suggestions for events you might like to see!

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Workshop: Domains 101 & Domains 201

The Reclaim Hosting team will be meeting for a workshop about all things Domains. We’re inviting administrators from various Domain of One’s Own (DoOO) schools to attend (virtually) for either one or both of the two days of topics focused around supporting a DoOO project on your campus. 

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Flex Course: Gravity Form of an Awesome Series with Tom Woodward

Reclaim Hosting and Tom Woodward will be spending the month of June offering an ongoing, multi-part series to introduce the suite of tools referred to as Gravity Forms. This flex course will take you from the basic form creation to created more sophisticated tools for creating custom web apps as part of your WordPress publishing ecosystem.

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June Community Chat: WordPress, beyond blogging!

We’re gearing up “Gravity Form of an Awesome Series” with Tom Woodward, so for our next Community Chat let’s talk about the things you can do with WordPress that go beyond blogging, like forms, presentations, community sites, and more! We’ll start by sharing a few examples, including some cool stuff in Gravity Forms, then we’ll open it up for others to share their projects and favorite examples!

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