Migration Assistance? What does this entail?

One of the hardest parts of moving to a new host is getting domains transferred, all your files moved over, and hoping you managed to do it all correctly. We want to take that burden off your hands by taking care of the migration for you. No kidding. We’ve done enough migrations over the years to confidently assist you in getting all your content moved from there to here seamlessly, with practically zero downtime, and fast. Let us juggle the ins and outs of moving accounts while you sit back and watch.

• New to Reclaim Hosting? FREE migration services for first site
• Already have a Reclaim Account? Migrations are $25/site
• Want to move sites in bulk? Priced on a case-by-case basis. Chat with us here.

Already using cPanel?

Cool! We will get your entire hosting account (domains, subdomains, email, etc.) transferred over.

Not using cPanel?

Not a problem! We will, at a minimum, move your primary domain including files and databases.

Our Promise:

Sometimes software works differently on different hosts so while we can’t guarantee that everything will work on our system, we will do our best and never try to charge you for the extra time it takes to make your site work.

Migration Check List

Help us help you! Before filling out the Migration Assistance Form, make sure you’ve checked off the following:

Do you have an account with Reclaim Hosting?

We’ll need to have somewhere to move your content, so make sure you’ve already signed up for a hosting account.

Is your domain over 60 days old?

Domain transfers cannot be done on domains that are less than 60 days old. This is a global policy dictated by ICANN and not our personal preference. If your domain is too young to get moved we’ll make sure it’s working with our servers and schedule to move it when it is.

Have you changed any DNS settings?

To ensure a smooth migration we recommend not changing any DNS settings before the migration has begun.


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