Entrust your Pressbooks installation with a managed hosting environment built for performance with all the dependencies necessary to power your publishing platform.

We’re thrilled to be able to offer Pressbooks to our community. Read about the benefits here.

Benefits of Pressbooks at Reclaim Hosting:

The Story

behind Pressbooks at
Reclaim Hosting

Providing managed hosting for specific applications is something we’ve already ventured into at Reclaim Hosting with WordPress Multisite, and given how well that has gone we’re at it again with managed hosting for Pressbooks. We have gotten several requests to run this application on our shared hosting servers, and while we have tried to do this for folks, the dependencies for features like exporting books to formats such as PDF, EPUB, etc. make it difficult to provide a consistent environment across our fleet of shared hosting servers.

That said, when good folks like Chris Lott come knocking and asking if we can do anything we figure it’s time to take a deeper look and see if we can offer Pressbooks as a managed application. A couple of weeks later it turns out we can provide a service that is cost effective and gets you most of what PressbooksEDU packages offer. Pre-packaged plugins and themes are provided by BC Campus.

– Jim Groom

Note about PDF Exports:

Keep in mind that Reclaim Hosting uses free and open source tools like the mPDF plugin and ePub and Mobi for exporting. If there are other export methods that have open source and free dependencies that we don’t have by default, let us know and we can include them in an update to the installer! More advanced PDF export methods usually require paid software that must be purchased separately, after which we’d be happy to help you integrate with your Pressbooks instance. 

Plans & Pricing

Dedicated VPS

Variable based on VPS needs
  • Up to 16TB Storage
  • Free Custom Domain
  • Automated Offsite Backups
  • CAS/LDAP/Shibboleth SSO
  • Dedicated Hardware

Domain of One's Own

  • Integrated with your existing DoOO infrastrucure
  • Free Custom Domain
  • Automated Offsite Backups
  • CAS/LDAP/Shibboleth SSO
  • Dedicated Hardware

Have any questions?

For us, the key elements are naturally having the full array of export options + SSO (plus the thing we associate with Reclaim already: solid uptime, backups, responsiveness—you are the only company I know of, or have ever known of, in this space that has the kind of positive reputation you do).

-Chris Lott

Associate Director of Teaching and Learning,
University of Alaska Fairbanks