Monthly Newsletter: Reclaim Roundup

Reclaim Roundup is a monthly newsletter collecting all the work we’ve done that month, from community events to recent blog posts to brand new support documentation. The Roundup covers announcements directly about Reclaim, yes, but it’ll also include updates on projects, tutorials you can follow along with, and community conversations that you’re invited to participate in. A lot goes on backstage at Reclaim Hosting, and we want to share it all with you.

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May Community Chat: Instructional Tech Q&A

We’ll be hosting a Q&A session on Instructional Tech at Reclaim Hosting for the Community Chat on May 11, 2022. For those that haven’t yet heard about Reclaim Instructional Tech, this is professional development and intentional community support built specifically with Educational Technologists in mind. You can also check out our page introducing the offering, the event calendar for the year, and the episode of Reclaim Today that we recorded about it. Bring any questions you might have, as well as suggestions for events you might like to see!

When: May 11, 2022
Time: 12pm ET
Where: Online, Register here.

April Community Chat: What we talk about when we talk about WordPress

April’s Community Chat will focus around how you get others started with WordPress. Do you start with conversations around digital identity? Do you like to start with the technical stuff? Do you dig right into the dashboard, or talk about posts and pages? We want to hear from technologists, designers, or anyone who finds themselves teaching people how to get started with a WordPress site. Let’s discuss and share strategies for guiding folks that are just starting out!

When: April 13th, 2022
Time: 11am ET
Where: Online, Register here.

March Community Chat: Project Homepages

Our next community chat will be focused on Project Homepages, particularly for Domain of One’s Own and WordPress Multisite! We will be bringing in Noah Mitchell from Coventry University, and John Stewart from the University of Oklahoma to discuss the designs of the homepages for their Domain of One’s and WordPress Multisite services, and how those homepages help their users navigate the various offerings available to them and how to get started.

Noah is an Innovation and Community Producer for Coventry University’s Disruptive Media Learning Lab (DMLL  and part of the team behind Coventry Domains . John is the Assistant Director for the Office of Digital Learning at the University of Oklahoma, and project manager for OU Create. We’re excited to talk to the both of them about the design goals for their project homepages, the decisions made to meet those goals, and the technical details on how they made it work!

Recording is available to watch here.