"What do you offer in terms of support?"

This is a fair question, and one we get asked often. Web hosting can often be a complicated endeavor, and when you start putting your stuff online, you’re bound to have questions. We could speak at length about how we think we’re doing, but we’d rather let our customers speak for us. Once a user’s support ticket has been resolved, they’re asked to quickly let us know whether or not they’re satisfied, or optionally they can leave a comment. Read what folks are saying below.
Excellent support! We had a complex problem that Reclaim solved in a very quick and organized way. Couldn't be happier.
Very happy with your support! It's why I'm here.
The customer service at RH is consistently excellent. It’s the main reason (plus the pricing) I recommend RH to others. Both Chris and Katie were kind and helpful.
Response time and helpfulness were both excellent! I was not expecting to be able to get my website back, and was immensely glad they were willing to set it back up for me.
Working with the team of reclaim hosting is always a pleasure, so kind and helpful!! Thanks for the support 🙂
Very helpful, got my problem resolved, including a follow-up issue, and I'm definitely glad about my decision to use Reclaim for hosting.
Reclaim has the best customer service of any vendor in the history of vending.
Very quick and after hours! Impressed.
swift and correct support, as usual. i came for the cheap hosting for academics, i stay for the experience.
I've only had to use Support a couple of times, but each time I have, it has been FANTASTIC. 1) When I talk to support, I talk with a real person. 2) support is via email directly to someone who can help and I don't have to navigate a telephone switchboard labyrinth. 3) communicating via email, one might expect that it would take a long time to get a response - but no! Email conversations are quick; I got responses in barely a minute and the whole issue was resolved in less than five minutes! 4) The tone of the support agent was friendly, conversational, and patient. Thanks!
Gordon was extremely helpful! He quickly resolved my issue. Best customer experience ever!
The response was very rapid, and immediately fixed my issue. Thanks.
Seriously, the best customer service I've ever experienced!
You need a category for more than satisfied.
I got very useful help online. And when I forgot to even follow up, they sent me a reminder, asking if the last email had helped. SO then I tried it out, and it worked! Thanks!!
Wonderful and timely assistance. I couldn't have been more pleased with the professionalism and support I received! Thank you.
I got a response quick and perfectly aimed so I could troubleshoot my WordPress site. Meredith is awesome.
If only everything was as easy as Reclaim Hosting made this web migration - can't recommend highly enough. Thank you!!!
I requested one of my complicated WordPress sites to be migrated, I can't be more pleased by the quality and timeliness of the response. I will soon be migrating more sites and plan to call on these professionals again. Not to mention the graciousness and courtesy of the communication.