"What do you offer in terms of support?"

This is a fair question, and one we get asked often. Web hosting can often be a complicated endeavor, and when you start putting your stuff online, you’re bound to have questions. We could speak at length about how we think we’re doing, but we’d rather let our customers speak for us. Once a user’s support ticket has been resolved, they’re asked to quickly let us know whether or not they’re satisfied, or optionally they can leave a comment. Read what folks are saying below.
I am so impressed with the quality of support I've been getting from Reclaim. I've been recommending Reclaim to my colleagues. And I'm about to teach a grad seminar where I'll require my students to sign up for Reclaim. I've worked with several Reclaim people, and all have been so thoughtful, supportive, and speedy in their responses. Thank you so much for taking such care with your clients.
As always, I appreciate the prompt, helpful, and friendly assistance that I have come to expect from Reclaim Hosting staff members.
So professional!!!! Quick to respond and helped with exactly what I needed. Thank you so much!
If only everything was as easy as Reclaim Hosting made this web migration - can't recommend highly enough. Thank you!!!
10/10, 100, A++, excellent
Fantastic, flexible support. We love that Reclaim is always focused on getting us what we need.
Next steps, the world!
The speed of your responses always amazes me. Thanks for your commitment to the best customer support I've ever had.
You need another option that has more gusto than "good, I'm satisfied." I have not had many problems with my website, but when I do, Reclaim has always been speedy, friendly, and accurate with the fix. This was no different, so thank you again, Meredith! I can't emphasize enough how helpful your staff is, and has made me feel much more confident in building my website both for my professional identity but also to administer my classes. It means a lot that, in this case for example, when I went to my site and there was NOTHING there, my initial impulse was not to freak out, but wait for a while, and when it didn't self-resolve, contact Reclaim Hosting, knowing that whoever was on the other end was going to provide the fix and all would be well. And that's exactly what happened. THANKS X ZILLION
Such amazing support!!! Thank you Lauren!!!!
Tim was more than helpful in answering my questions. He went the extra mile to help me with my issues. It was further confirmation that transferring to Reclaim was the right move!
You are the best! Thank you, as always, for your prompt response.
I'm super satisfied! And I'm so grateful that you have such experienced and patient people supporting those of us who are new to this community. Thank you so much for having such amazing customer support!!
fast, fun, and accurate.
As always, you guys responded quickly and provided great explanation of what was done and why.
From the moment I joined Reclaim, the team has been nothing but supportive and helpful. Meredith was the first person who I had contact with at the company and she clearly explained everything to me, helped me work through my issues and had an amazingly speedy response time to my queries. She is a wonderful representative for Reclaim and I couldn't be happier with the help and guidance she gave me.
You need a category for more than satisfied.
Seriously, the best customer service I've ever experienced!