We often get asked “What do you offer in terms of support?” which is a fair question because not only are we a small startup, but web hosting can often be a complicated endeavor- when you start putting your stuff online, you’re bound to have questions. We could speak at length about how we think we’re doing, but we’d rather let our customers speak for us. Once a user’s support ticket has been resolved, they’re asked to quickly let us know whether or not they’re satisfied, or optionally they can leave a comment. Read what folks are saying below.

“Reclaim Hosting has an awesomely passionate team at its helm and the solutions that Jim and Tim have made available to students, organizations, and individuals are both practical and powerful. With Domain of One’s Own, ds106, and Reclaim Hosting, Jim and Tim have taken the steps to engineering empowerment for the ed tech community in stride.” – Read More from the HostingAdvice.com Team

You folks are always the best. Honestly, the best support and guidance of anyone I’ve worked with.

As usual lightning fast response from a friendly human.

So fast and helpful!

Outstanding timely service!

Tim Owens was amazingly helpful during my domain transfer process and even afterwards. I feel like he went above and beyond to help me and it is greatly appreciated.

After coming from GoDaddy, these constant emails that weren’t giving me generic computer responses, but actually trying to figure out and fix the problem was just what I needed to restore my faith in humanity THANK YOU

I would rate this, “Beyond satisfied.” Tim got back to me very (very) quickly (repeatedly), clearly understood the problem I was trying to convey, responded with clear instructions, and followed up in a personal, professional, and friendly manner. Honestly, I’ve never had a better support experience. Thanks!

Tim has been fantastic — responding fast at all hours of the day and sticking with me until problems have been resolved.

Really fast, friendly resolution to my problem.

The support was practically instant! Thank you SO much.

Tim provided an excellent response with clear information.

Amazed at the prompt response. Thanks again.

Snappy, personal, thorough, clear, friendly. Rarely do I experience the like. It’s as if I’m the only customer and all resources are at my disposal.

Really delighted to be with reclaim – a huge improvement on my former host (arvixe).

Jim was very helpful and patient answering my questions.

Always amazed at the quick and friendly solutions.

Everything was great! Quick responses, accurate information, knowledgeable, and friendly. 🙂

Not only satisfied – it has been unprecedentedly excellent!!! The service has gone far above and beyond expectations. Thank you very much Tim for your care, time, and patience!

I am but one of the legion of fans of Tim Owens.

Great response – thoughtful, very personalized and engaged, and QUICK. 🙂

I first replied to the reclaim hosting site when I had problems and I received an immediate response. I then just replied to the emails and continued to be satisfied. The response time is awesome. Keep it up guys.

You are total awesome-sauce!

Tim has helped me on several occasions. Each time, he takes the time to make certain that all is well … checking back with me to ensure that the problem I report is completely resolved. I feel empowered by the support I have received because I can try new things knowing I have a safety net. Thank you!

Staff responded faster than I thought, with a direct, simple solution to my problem.

Reclaim hosting support is by far the best web service support I have ever received. They should start a service training centre that teaches other web services how it’s done. Response is lightning quick, accurate and effective. My problem was solved within minutes as per usual. You cats are the B-O-M-B. Please never leave me. I’d be lost forever without you.

Where’s the button for “Freaking Awesome I could not be more satisfied”? ’cause “satisfied” is so average. Thanks.

Great! Helpful at 2 in the morning!

Having just come from GoDaddy, I’m positively blown away by the level and quality of service at Reclaim. Thanks!

You guys are insanely helpful. Always!! Thanks so much for all that you do!!!

Wow. Tim was on this quickly, and we went back and forth until it was done. Thanks so much.

Super-speedy & effective & friendly service!

Tim has been an excellent representative of your company each time I’ve needed assistance. Every time I’ve contacted your company, the replies have been fast and completely solved whatever issue i was having at the time. I especially appreciate the speediness of service – i’m a graduate student and time is *always* of the essence. Thanks for being easy and friendly to work with – i have recommended your service to several people already, and wouldn’t hesitate to do so again in the future.

Excellent service. Different than any other experience I’ve had with paid hosting services.