WordPress Multisite

Power your growing WordPress Multisite instance with a company that is a leader in web hosting for higher education.

Cloud Infrastructure

All servers are provisioned as virtual systems at Digital Ocean which provides major performance benefits that set it apart from other data centers. Servers are easily scaled up and down on-demand as growth necessitates. Newer distributed block storage options allow for large flexible disk mounts that can be moved between servers. Solid State Storage means fast performance for your community.

Automated Backups

Disaster recovery starts with a robust backup and restoration service. Reclaim Hosting utilizes the R1soft platform for full block-level backups of all files and databases on the server captured nightly and stored for 30 days on a secure offsite server.

Free Migration Services

In most instances, moving all content from your institution’s existing WPMS server to a Digital Ocean server hosted by Reclaim would be free of charge. We’ve done enough migrations over the years to confidently assist you in getting all your content moved from there to here seamlessly, with practically zero downtime, and fast.

World Class Support

Web hosting can often be a complicated endeavor. And when you start putting your content online, you’re bound to have questions. At Reclaim Hosting you get to talk to real people that are willing to help you out with any aspect of your website. Read what people are saying about our support here. Multisite customers receive an SLA with guaranteed response within 1 hour during business hours and within 12 hours on nights/weekends.

Business Hours

Monday – Friday 8AM – 5PM EST

SSO Integration

Reclaim Hosting is an approved InCommon Service Provider and can integrate your campus Single Sign-On via a variety of methods. Let us handle the hassle of making sure the authentication experience with your community is seamless.


Reclaim Hosting is a service provider of the InCommon Federation and can also provide metadata for direct Shibboleth integrations.


Authentication and Attribute release for Central Authentication Systems versions 2.0+

Active Directory

LDAP-based authentication using Active Directory as well as ADFS via Shibboleth.


WordPress powers over 25% of the web and can often be a big target for malicious traffic. At Reclaim Hosting we utilize a variety of security measures to ensure your content is safe. A robust firewall prevents server access to only those who need it at the right ports. BitNinja, a distributed blacklist, prevents known malicious traffic from communicating with your server while allowing you to whitelist IP ranges and prevent common false-positives.


Reclaim Hosting utilizes the BitNinja Distributed Firewall system on all servers, blocking malicious traffic before it ever reaches your application. BitNinja protects your server from DDOS attacks, botnets, and malicious traffic via a robust IP reputation system, custom honeypots, and a web application firewall. This reduces server load and ensures only legitimate traffic is accessing your applications. Users have options for managing custom whitelists and blacklists in the system. Read more at https://bitninja.io

ConfigServer Security and Firewall

CSF is an industry standard server firewall utilizing advanced IPTABLES rules that can block malicious traffic to non-standard ports as well as connection tracking and temp/perm block settings. User-controllable IP address and range whitelisting is available to ensure a reduced number of false-positives.